FKIE Message Filters
Improved filters for processing ROS messages
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fkie_message_filters::FilterBase Class Referenceabstract

Base class for filters. More...

#include <fkie_message_filters/filter_base.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void disconnect () noexcept=0
 Disconnect from all connected sources and sinks. More...
virtual void reset () noexcept
 Reset filter state. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for filters.

All filters process some input and generate some output, possibly with different data types. This class provides the base class for all filter implementations.

Member Function Documentation

◆ disconnect()

virtual void fkie_message_filters::FilterBase::disconnect ( )
pure virtualnoexcept

◆ reset()

virtual void fkie_message_filters::FilterBase::reset ( )

Reset filter state.

For stateful filters, this method resets the internal state as if the filter had just been created. Existing connections to sources and sinks are unaffected.

The default implementation does nothing.

Does not throw any exceptions.

Reimplemented in fkie_message_filters::Buffer< Inputs >, fkie_message_filters::Buffer< Inputs... >, fkie_message_filters::TfFilter< Inputs >, fkie_message_filters::TfFilter< Inputs... >, fkie_message_filters::Combiner< PolicyTmpl, IOs >, fkie_message_filters::Sequencer< Inputs >, and fkie_message_filters::Sequencer< Inputs... >.

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