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Master Sync

Synchronize local ROS master to remote ROS masters

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This package contains a node to synchronize the local ROS master to remote ROS masters discovered by master_discovery node. For synchronization the Master API will be used. Thereby the regitration of topics/services are performed only on the local ROS master. To obtain a complete synchronization of two ROS master one master_sync node in each "ROS system" have to be started.

The syncronization will be performed on each time the remote ROS master is changed. The change detection is done by the master_discovery node. To avoid multiple calls over unreliable connections e.g. WiFi, needed for a synchronization, the XML-RPC server of the master_discovery node is used to get the current state of the remote ROS master.

in the current state the ROS Parameter server will be not synchronized.

The services and published topics of master_discovery node are detected automatically!

Configuration Parameter

By default all possible topics and services are synchronized. If you want to synchronize or ignore a special set of topics or services you can use the configuration parameter. For details see ros wiki.

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